Advantages of Programmatic for Mobile Ads

The IAB yesterday released the Mobile Programmatic Playbook to further educate Marketers in the power of using programmatic
solutions for mobile ads. The link can be found here:

Having the ability to communicate and deliver your products or
services to the right users at the right time and location is invaluable especially when Mobile Ad spending continues to grow year-on-year.

The buying and selling of ad space using automation has long been present in the desktop space and mobile has now caught-up but with greater features. For example, Marketers can access data on specific devices, operating system and geo-location even down to within 50 meters (if required)– all this data and more can be accessed and used in real-time, so it is not surprising that so many Advertisers are actively making Programmatic ad buying as a necessity.

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Splicky Integrated Partners Q1 2015

We are often asked by many Advertisers which partners are we
integrated with in order to supply mobile traffic to suit the needs of Marketers in the most flexible approach possible.

The following illustration is the most updated list to-date, and we are in the process of continually adding more strategic partners every quarter to increase our connectivity – in order for you to use just one platform to cover all your needs.

So, if you want access all global mobile real-time bidding inventory, start using Splicky today.

Splicky Integrated Partners 2015 Q1
Splicky Integrated Partners 2015 Q1

UK Digital Ad Spend 2015

Did you know half of all Ad spend by Marketers in the UK for 2015 will be spent on Digital for the first time…with “mobile” being a
significant percentage.

As the time spent by consumers on portable devices continues to grow, this trend has come as no surprise.

View our infograph for more statistics.

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UK Ad spend 2015
UK Ad spend 2015

Mobile World Congress 2015 Recap

In one of the biggest events of the year concerning all things mobile in Barcelona, there were a number of announcements and insights – so for those that were unable to attend the event, here are some of the talked about subjects in which we encountered.

“Wearables” is now a hot topic, the event was dominated by watches, VR headsets and other related products, so this gave a huge insight into the future of wearable technology.

Another popular subject was mobile payments. With Apple having already started their rollout, Samsung are also hot on the trail to incorporate an easy to use payment solution for consumers. With other known payment providers including PayPal, Visa and similar looking at mobile as a payment channel, paying for items or transferring money via our mobile device does not seem that far away.

Of course, being in Barcelona had plenty of fantastic networking events to choose from and a chance to catch up with industry peers and to meet new acquaintances at some great locations. One thing that was noticeable, the number of agencies and marketers in attendance is increasing year-on-year, meaning attending was certainly beneficial for Splicky and we shall certainly be attending next year.

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Worldwide Mobile Ad Spend

It is estimated by 2017, Advertisers will spend over $59.67 billion (U.S. dollars) on mobile advertising worldwide. Our chart visualises the past and future growth per year from 2010 to 2017 and as you can see, the upward trend shows no sign of stagnating. In fact, the worldwide spend is expected to grow even further as more Advertisers shift a significant portion of their marketing budget to mobile.

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Mobile Ad Spend 2010-2017
Worldwide Mobile Ad Spend 2010-2017