61% of Impressions from Apps say Celtra

In February 2015, Celtra informed the industry that 61% of all mobile ad impressions in Q4 2014 were served in apps compared with web browsers based on the campaigns which ran on their platform.

iOS marginally came out on top regarding impressions served at 53% whilst Android achieved 44% respectfully. In terms of devices, 87% came from smartphones with 13% on tablets.

For more detailed information visit the Celtra website: http://www.celtra.com/knowledge

Splicky is directly integrated with Celtra which allows Advertisers and Agencies access to a single platform for streamlined ad creation, performance optimised serving and consolidating reporting with common metrics across all screens using rich media and video.

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Splicky adds Private Marketplace

As of today, Splicky has officially been certified to run on the Mopub Private Marketplace which operates the world’s largest real-time bidding (RTB) exchange for mobile in-app ads. A big thanks to the fantastic MoPub team for working closely with our “Smooth” Tech Team to enable this important feature and functionality to become available to our Advertisers.

Private Marketplace (PMP) allows Publishers to offer their premium inventory in a much smaller auction environment. The benefit for Advertisers, is that premium inventory can be accessed
with significantly less competition.

A PMP benefits all parties – Publishers can open-up their inventory in a much controlled environment and gives them more flexibility in terms of what Advertisers can access their Ad space.
This is essential when (for example) Publishers demand brand-safe only Advertisers.

For Advertisers, the ability to access inventory programmatically in a non-competitive environment is a huge advantage, especially when it comes to premium traffic.

As Splicky continues to evolve, we are extremely excited to now include a PMP for Advertiser wanting to access premium inventory with our Mobile Demand Side Platform (DSP).

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Splicky Mobile Trends 2015

The numbers tell the story. The spend in mobile advertising has been phenomenal over the past few years and Gartner have predicted the market will be worth well over $41.9 billion by 2017.

Now that we are fully underway in 2015, what are we to expect for this year in mobile advertising?

Find out the Splicky trends and predictions:

Native advertising on mobile is no longer a new concept – the ad
format which is more engaging without being intrusive has firmly
established itself as an effective ad-format both for branding and
performance. A recent survey conducted by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), 63% of marketers say they will be spending more on native advertising for 2015.

In terms of performance metrics, we internally see Native as a great opportunity for Marketers to test with Splicky. We see CTR for
Native more than double compared to standard mobile banners and in some cases, up to 8-times higher in conversion rates.

The rise for location based-based advertising has become a very
important component for advertisers, especially retailers. Pin-pointing users via Geo-fencing and beacons has given rise to deliver better quality and more relevancy for users, thus improving the end results for Marketers.

IDG published late last year that 75% of consumers use smartphones to watch online video and 87% use tablets. With this in mind, it is no surprise that many well-known Advertisers and especially gaming juggernauts such Supercell and King are successfully using video to increase their brand presence and at the same time,
generating performance.

Will we see the end of faxes and manually written I/O’s being sent back and forth this year? It is common knowledge programmatic buying is more efficient and effective in the way ad space can be
acquired. With the advantage of Splicky offering a self-serve platform for Marketers, we certainly want to help streamline that process for the future.

Knowing the best channel for acquiring new users and identifying which sources are delivering the best users in terms of engagement, calculating the lifetime or any other measurable metric is becoming increasingly important for Marketers. Therefore the need for
transparency and conversion tracking by source using mobile
programmatic buying enables marketers to better allocate marketing budgets.

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