APAC games market rises to $43 billion

According to Newzoo’s latest results, global gaming revenues will hit a staggering $91.5 billion for 2015.

Asia Pacific is expected to be the single largest revenue source for all Global regions, moving ahead of the US. In total, 47% of the global games market will come from Asia Pacific with China making a large contribution as their market continues to grow rapidly.

The gaming market by Newzoo is broken down by categories with Phones and Tablets predicted to be worth $30 billion.

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Global Games Market 2015
Global Games Market 2015

Mobile RTB shows explosive growth

PulsePoint released eye-opening statistics in March 2015 which showed tremendous growth in mobile ad inventory and spending worldwide for real-time bidding (RTB) ads during Q4 2014.

RTB inventory growth were strongest in Asia with close to 192% whilst Europe rose to 177.4% and 150.4% in North America
respectively. Based on the current trend, this growth does not
appear to be slowing down anytime in the near future.

Inventory growth was not the only data given – RTB ad spending is just as impressive. Asia and Europe spending on mobile RTB jumped to 330%. These are startling numbers and what makes these
statistics even more groundbreaking, the spending growth rates were higher than that of desktop.

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Worldwide Mobile RTB Inventory Growth
Worldwide Mobile RTB Inventory Growth
Worldwide Mobile RTB Spending Growth
Worldwide Mobile RTB Spending Growth


Southeast Asia – Mobile Gaming

Based on App Annie statistics, Google’s platform for game
downloads is Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing mobile market.
Compared with Apple, Android’s platform Google Play is well ahead in terms of actual downloads as much as four-times over.

According to App Annie, the Games vertical in Southeast Asia is the highest ranking app category for both Google Play and iOS App Store.

Whilst Google Play dominates downloads, iOS comes out on top in terms of actual revenues and almost doubled from the previous year’s results.

App Annie - Mobile Game Downloads SEA
App Annie – Mobile Game Downloads SEA

Time spent on mobile devices on the increase in the UK

Recent estimates by eMarketer for 2015 have found that UK adults spend more time on mobile devices than on PC’s for media
consumption online.

On average, adults ill spend 2 hours, 26 minutes each day with mobile devices which is an incredible statistic. This means for the first time in the UK, the total time spend on mobile activities will surpass time spend on desktop/laptops.

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eMarketer - UK time spent on mobile devices 2015
eMarketer – UK time spent on mobile devices 2015

International Games Week + Apps World Berlin April 2015

We are very much looking forward to next week in Berlin (our home). The International Games week event will be held from 21-26 April and all things connected with the Game Business, Technology and Culture will sure to make for a memorable week of events,
seminars, networking and more!

During Games week, Apps World will also be live in Berlin (22-23 April) and our Sales team will be present at both events. To book a private meeting regarding all your mobile campaign needs, email sales@splicky.com

To those who will be in Berlin next week, we look forward to seeing you all soon!

Apps World 2015 Berlin
Apps World 2015 Berlin