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GDPR kommt – Splicky ist bereit!

Mit der im Mai 2016 veröffentlichten Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DSGVO; englisch: General Data Protection Regulation, kurz GDPR) soll so in der ganzen EU ein einheitliches Schutzniveau personenbezogener Daten ihrer Bürger etabliert werden. Ab 25. Mai 2018 gilt die DSGVO unmittelbar.

Splicky (Jaduda GmbH) verpflichtet sich freiwillig zu strikter Einhaltung höchster Datenschutzstandards und erhielt dafür das EDAA-Trust-Siegel im Rahmen einer gesamteuropäischen Selbstregulierungs-Initiative.

Die Koordinierungsstelle der digitalen Werbewirtschaft für interessenbasierte Onlinewerbung, European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA), ist verantwortlich für die europaweite Implementierung der Richtlinien der Selbstregulierungs-Initiative für Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA). Diese branchenübergreifende Selbstregulierungsinitiative wurde von führenden europäischen Gremien ins Leben gerufen, um Transparenz sowie Sicherheit im Umgang mit interessenbasierten Daten zu garantieren.

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#SynchScreen – Second Screen as a Chance

synchscreenA recently published study* reveals that statistically consumer’s attention and awareness are shared onto more than one screens while watching TV.  In that time more than 50% of users browse the internet on their smartphone or tablet.

Second Screen is a Chance to extend your TV reach also on smartphones and tablets by using SynchScreen technology which is embedded in Multscreen DSP .

(Video in German)


How to set up a SynchScreen Campaign on

Only a few steps away, and you can easily extend your reach:

  1. Apply for SynchScreen in your Multiscreen DSP account.
  2. Create a campaign
  3. Create an adgroup and define your targetings
  4. Search for your TV spots and TV Channelssynchscreen_splicky
  5. Upload your creative
  6. Go live!

While and after your campaigns run you have access to extended reports and analytics tools.


*Source: Google Consumer Barometer 2016




Anti-Malvertising and Ad Quality Monitoring – insights by GeoEdge

Since the very beginning of Splicky DSP, we have not only trusted on our own technology when it comes to the prevention of Malvertising and monitoring of Ad-Quality, but also on 3rd party vendors which are highly sophisticated in detecting fraud activities, ideally before they actually happen.

As the topic Malvertising and Ad Quality is more frequently discussed in the industry – it is even more important to speak about what DSPs can do to maintain quality. Having said that, please check out the latest story by one of our partners GeoEdge, on how we use their technology to prevent malware and monitor ad quality.


Some quick take outs:
  • The solution identifies problematic ads to make sure that Splicky’s advertisers would only be top quality demand.
  • GeoEdge provides real time response whether the
    malicious activity is hidden inside the MRAID, HTML5 ad
    or on the landing page itself, among many other options.
  • No campaign will go live without a positive check by GeoEdge.

Read the full story here.


2nd Appsworld in Berlin – Lets meet!


Appsworld is coming to Berlin for the 2nd time and as last year,  it’ll be a class reunion of people who had mobile on their agenda for quite a while 😉

As always Appsworld has put up a decent lineup and this year, I hope and believe, that the Berlin transportation services will not be on strike 😉

We’ll be walking around and have a quick chats. If you’d like to meet up – please click here to schedule a meeting.