#SynchScreen – Second Screen as a Chance

synchscreenA recently published study* reveals that statistically consumer’s attention and awareness are shared onto more than one screens while watching TV.  In that time more than 50% of users browse the internet on their smartphone or tablet.

Second Screen is a Chance to extend your TV reach also on smartphones and tablets by using SynchScreen technology which is embedded in Multscreen DSP Splicky.com .

(Video in German)


How to set up a SynchScreen Campaign on Splicky.com?

Only a few steps away, and you can easily extend your reach:

  1. Apply for SynchScreen in your Multiscreen DSP Splicky.com account.
  2. Create a campaign
  3. Create an adgroup and define your targetings
  4. Search for your TV spots and TV Channelssynchscreen_splicky
  5. Upload your creative
  6. Go live!

While and after your campaigns run you have access to extended reports and analytics tools.


*Source: Google Consumer Barometer 2016