#SynchScreen – Second Screen as a Chance


A recently published study* reveals that statistically consumer’s attention and awareness are shared onto more than one screens while watching TV.  In that time more than 50% of users browse the internet on their smartphone or tablet.

Second Screen is a Chance to extend your TV reach also on smartphones and tablets by using SynchScreen technology which is embedded in Multscreen DSP Splicky.com

How to set up a SynchScreen Campaign on Splicky.com?

Only a few steps away, and you can easily extend your reach:

  1. Apply for SynchScreen in your Multiscreen DSP Splicky.com account.
  2. Create a campaign
  3. Create an adgroup and define your targetings
  4. Search for your TV spots and TV Channels

5. Set up your creative

6. Go live!

While and after your campaigns run you have access to extended reports and analytics tools.

*Source: Google Consumer Barometer 2016