Digital Bash: DOOH

Digital Out of Home, also known as DOOH, is an interesting topic which has been becoming ever more popular over the past few years.

The mobile advertising industry has seen many significant changes with demand and requirements from both advertisers and publishers growing at an advanced rate.

With our experience, expertise and proprietary technology, we have managed to simplify the mobile advertising marketplace for the advertiser by offering one platform with access to multiple mobile and DOOH ad exchanges. As part of our growing services, we have introduced our proprietary self-service platform.

Our head of sales, Kamil Friebel recently represented Splicky in a Digital Bash where he emphasized our motto, saying that “DOOH ist einfach, nicht kompliziert”, or, “DOOH is simple, not complicated”.

So, you may have a few questions regarding the whole DOOH concept and which steps need to be taken in order to pave the way for success. This post has taken the liberty of summarizing five of the most frequently asked questions to provide you with an overview of why DOOH is for you:

  1. Is the setup not complex?
  2. Can the performance be measured?
  3. Why is transparency so important?
  4. Isn’t it more expensive in the end?
  5. Does Programmatic DOOH have advantages?

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Is the setup not complex?

The short answer is: not at all. In the video below, we take you through the simple process of setting up your DOOH campaign with our DSP. From being able to select your targeted country and exact GPS location of the ad, to your weather targeting, time targeting and footfall configuration, the whole process can be completed in a time frame of just over two minutes. Quite the win, right?

Can the performance be measured?

Most definitely. There are four different areas which can be measured, namely:

  • Zero measurement: What happens at the POI before the campaign.
  • Delivery: Live analysis during the campaign
  • Change: Percentage change in the number of visitors measured
  • Impact: Visitor flows from the individual locations are made measurable

With these measurable factors, there is little chance that any guessing work will need to be involved here.

Why is transparency so important?

Naturally, transparency is always the foreground for building successful relationships between companies and clients. In order to ensure that our customers are not left in the dark, our campaigns offer complete transparency in the forms of:

  • Live data
  • Transparent multipliers
  • More effective budget calculations
  • Faster response times; 24/7 access
  • Better understanding of the customer journey
  • Influence on the distribution of budgets

Isn’t it more expensive in the end?

Yes and no. It will depend on your campaign and different wishes, but in general, the costs are no more expensive than your traditional Out of Home campaigns, and they include all of the advantages which have been mentioned above.

Does Programmatic DOOH have advantages?

Most certainly. To name just a few, the flexibility, dynamicity, reduced need for communication, and ultimate improved performance, the advantages of setting up a DOOH campaign with a DSP platform are monumental.

So, to sum up this post, it is clear that DOOH campaigns follow a simple set-up process, their performance is easy to measure, all facts and figures are communicated transparently and without any falsified results, as well as offer a majorly cost-effective structure. It is rather impressive to realize just how achievable the success of your DOOH campaigns can be. If you have any further questions regarding the DOOH campaigns and their ability for success, please do not hesitate to contact us at

And do not forget: Dooh ist simple, not complicated!