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Buyers Guide to Mobile Audience data

Our data partner adsquare just released a new buyers guide to mobile audience data. Thank you for sharing.

adsquare - New Whitepaper “Buyer’s Guide to Mobile Audience Data”

“Our whitepaper reveals which campaign goals mobile data is best used for, the types of mobile data available on the market and exactly how this data can be employed in campaign planning. It also explores privacy concerns, audience modelling methods and onboarding capabilities, among other themes essential to any successful mobile programmatic strategy.

The whitepaper is available as download here.

Within the Splicky DSP you have access to the full potential of 3rd party data (Splicky screenshot – audience targeting options).  Just register here and start your campaigns!

splicky 3rd party audience targeting

Mobile RTB shows explosive growth

PulsePoint released eye-opening statistics in March 2015 which showed tremendous growth in mobile ad inventory and spending worldwide for real-time bidding (RTB) ads during Q4 2014.

RTB inventory growth were strongest in Asia with close to 192% whilst Europe rose to 177.4% and 150.4% in North America
respectively. Based on the current trend, this growth does not
appear to be slowing down anytime in the near future.

Inventory growth was not the only data given – RTB ad spending is just as impressive. Asia and Europe spending on mobile RTB jumped to 330%. These are startling numbers and what makes these
statistics even more groundbreaking, the spending growth rates were higher than that of desktop.

For more detailed information, please visit eMarketer

Worldwide Mobile RTB Inventory Growth
Worldwide Mobile RTB Inventory Growth
Worldwide Mobile RTB Spending Growth
Worldwide Mobile RTB Spending Growth


Advantages of Programmatic for Mobile Ads

The IAB yesterday released the Mobile Programmatic Playbook to further educate Marketers in the power of using programmatic
solutions for mobile ads. The link can be found here: http://www.iab.net/mobileprogrammatic

Having the ability to communicate and deliver your products or
services to the right users at the right time and location is invaluable especially when Mobile Ad spending continues to grow year-on-year.

The buying and selling of ad space using automation has long been present in the desktop space and mobile has now caught-up but with greater features. For example, Marketers can access data on specific devices, operating system and geo-location even down to within 50 meters (if required)– all this data and more can be accessed and used in real-time, so it is not surprising that so many Advertisers are actively making Programmatic ad buying as a necessity.

Splicky offers Marketers access to all global mobile Real-time
Bidding (RTB) inventory all within one easy to use,
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