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Quick Recap – Mobile Ad Summit in Berlin (21st April)

Just recently we’ve been to the Adzine – Mobile Ad Summit in Berlin.

It’s been a pleasure to meet all Mobilistas & Tech-Suppliers from all over Germany, as well as media planners from top agencies and advertisers.

As Mobile Advertising has been a big BuzzWord for the last years, the event helped to understand the current situation in Mobile Advertising, and furthermore educated attendees on how to create good campaigns.

Panel about Mobile Programmatic, Mobile Ad Summit Berlin
Alexander Schott vom Admanager Forum moderierte das Programmatic Panel mit Patrick Kollmann (Addapptr) Holger Mevs (Adform),Heiko Kasper (Splicky) und Dirk Kraus (YOC)., Foto: Sera-Zöhre Kurc Photagraphy ©ADZINE

Mobile Programmatic on the rise?

Splicky was invited to take part on a panel discussion about the state of Mobile Programmatic in Germany.  All participants have seen a tremendous increase of campaigns processed via programmatic mobile over the last two years. Furthermore it was mentioned that Native Advertising and especially Mobile Video will drive the mobile ad market in the near future, especially on programmatic. However some market standards need to be implemented on the way.

To sum it up, from our point of view it has been a very good event. However, we would love to see more advertisers coming to events like this to discuss about Mobile Advertising and its effect on their business.

Here you can read an adzine article about the event. (in German)

Thank you @Adzine for inviting us to the panel, it has been a pleasure.

Berlin Mobile Companies see changes in App-Advertising!


Berlin Mobile Companies rock! 😉

Hurrah! We’ve been mentioned in an Article by Adzine regarding  companies that started in providing services for app promotions and nowadays also offer products for brand awareness. The article let’s some of Berlin based mobile companies (Glispa, Fyber, Splicky) explain what changed and  why.

  • Not only Gaming advertisers focus on mobile traffic, therefore customer base has  grown more heterogen, which leads to additional requirements reflecting new types of advertisers.
  • New products like TV Sync have been developed for advertisers to reach users on their smartphones while they watch TV.
  • Further more former Ad Networks nowadays offer their inventory via RTA and restructure themselves as SSPs.
  • Conversion optimization beyond installs gets more important.
  • Besides using  programmatic advertising, some companies also value Influencer Marketing via social channels like Youtube to gain access to new users.

Here you can find the Adzine article in full (German version only).