Splicky relies on cross-device marketing technology from Roq.ad

Splicky and the Berlin-based MarTech company Roq.ad will be working together in the future. The aim of the partnership is to address mobile consumers at the right time and in the right place with the appropriate message in a privacy-compliant manner.

Mobile Programmatic Advertising meets Cross-Device Marketing

With its cross-device solutions, Roq.ad simplifies the playout of Splicky campaigns in various mobile environments and tracking across all mobile and stationary devices – in compliance with data protection regulations. Both companies are GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) certified.

Reaching consumers with storytelling, re-targeting and frequency capping

Splicky advertisers in the DACH market can now not only score with users with stringent storytelling, but also use Roq.ad’s intelligent re-targeting and frequency capping solutions.

Attribution tracking for a better understanding of customers

In addition, important insights into the customer journey and the buying behaviour of customers can be gained through so-called attribution tracking. The technology identifies precisely those devices with the best performance that contribute to increasing conversion. In this way, campaign investments can be constantly optimised.