Splicky goes Multiscreen


At dmexco, we have changed our claim from “Smooth Mobile Advertising” to “Multiscreen DSP”.

Why? Next to increasing traffic on devices like playstations, xbox and connected TV screens  – we have just recently added capacities to run programmatic campaigns on Digital-Out-of-Home Screens in Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

Splicky is now your Multiscreen DSP.

Some of our selected partners can now choose between Mobile and DOOH campaigns when setting up campaigns.


Get the latest  thoughts about programmatic Mobile in comparison to programmatic DOOH  written by our CEO Sven Ruppert. (summary as follows)


  • one-to-one vs one-to-many communication. Mobile is a personal device and already part of the marketing mix. DOOH is one the last mass media channels which is slowly following the shift towards technolgy based buying models.
  • auction based vs private deal or private auction. At the moment DOOH  inventory is usually bought on private deals or PMPs. There are only a handful auction based scenarios. Mobile can be bought in various forms on open markets, PMPs or Automated guaratneed.
  • real-time vs near-time. Programmatic Buying on Mobile is real-time within a time span of  120ms or less from start of the auction to ad delivery on apps or websites. For DOOH not all screens are always on or can be reached instantly for example with an interstitial. Ideally screens can be reached within minutes – which is near time to the consumer.


  • Smartphone always on, alway close, connecting on-/offline.
  • Shared data points for targeting purpose like location, place, weather. Match of audiences.
  • Interactvity and Measurement. When Mobile and DOOH are bought programmatically connected interacivity and analytics go hand in hand.  More interesting data scenarios with beacons or wifi are only small steps away and will open up further possibilities of data based buying.

Read the full article here on IAB Switzerland (german).