Splicky – New interface and features

Today, we have updated our self-serve platform to help you create and setup campaigns much faster and easier than ever before.

Some of the new features include an enhanced UX with the ability to add and remove targeting settings with ease.

We’ve partnered with some of the best Data Providers in the Mobile Ad-tech space which enables all Advertisers to target by Audience.

Our reporting interface has been completely revamped which displays the data in a more presentable manner and can be customized to your preference.

Our Private Marketplace (PMP) is now fully available for those Advertisers wanting to buy large guaranteed volumes of traffic with specific Publishers outside the live auction environment.

We have updated our feature for creating Publisher black/whitelists – now you can create your own Global list and import them to any campaign.

Check out our platform today!

Splicky new interface 2015
Splicky new interface 2015