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Digital Video 2015

Digital video viewing across devices is growing according to new figures
released by eMarketer.

In the US this year, adults will spend an average of 1 hour, 16 minutes each day with video on digital devices – compare that to 2011, where the time spent came up to 21 minutes and digital is driving this upward trend.

For more detailed information, please read the full article by Media Post

US Adults Average Time Spent Per Day with Digital Video (2015)
US Adults Average Time Spent Per Day with Digital Video (2015)

61% of Impressions from Apps say Celtra

In February 2015, Celtra informed the industry that 61% of all mobile ad impressions in Q4 2014 were served in apps compared with web browsers based on the campaigns which ran on their platform.

iOS marginally came out on top regarding impressions served at 53% whilst Android achieved 44% respectfully. In terms of devices, 87% came from smartphones with 13% on tablets.

For more detailed information visit the Celtra website: http://www.celtra.com/knowledge

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