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Anti-Malvertising and Ad Quality Monitoring – insights by GeoEdge

Since the very beginning of Splicky DSP, we have not only trusted on our own technology when it comes to the prevention of Malvertising and monitoring of Ad-Quality, but also on 3rd party vendors which are highly sophisticated in detecting fraud activities, ideally before they actually happen.

As the topic Malvertising and Ad Quality is more frequently discussed in the industry – it is even more important to speak about what DSPs can do to maintain quality. Having said that, please check out the latest story by one of our partners GeoEdge, on how we use their technology to prevent malware and monitor ad quality.


Some quick take outs:
  • The solution identifies problematic ads to make sure that Splicky’s advertisers would only be top quality demand.
  • GeoEdge provides real time response whether the
    malicious activity is hidden inside the MRAID, HTML5 ad
    or on the landing page itself, among many other options.
  • No campaign will go live without a positive check by GeoEdge.

Read the full story here.


New whitepaper about Mobile Programmatic Advertising, by BVDW


German BVDW, an organisation that represents the interests of companies in the field of digital marketing, has freshly published a whitepaper that gives a guidedance about Mobile Programmatic Advertising.   We’re glad that we (Jaduda) have been asked to share some of our insights to a greater audience.

The whitepaper contains information about the German Mobile Programmatic Market and puts this as well into an international context. Furthermore it helps to understand how Mobile is different regarding use cases, formats, creativity and what this influences may have for a programmatic strategy. It also covers technical aspects regarding the distribution of ads In-App or on Mobile Web, as well as what information or data is accesible in bid requests. Additionally it provides information about tracking in a Post-Cookie-Era, about user acquisition and re-engagement of users.

Further information about the Whitepaper here (in German).

Download the full whitepaper as PDF document, for free. (in German)