Marketing Technology Landscape – a crowded place, but platforms go hand in hand?

In our day to day business we are part of our clients huge marketing machinery, which is brand and performance-driven.

Creating successful and meaningful results for our clients not only means to provide the best demand-side-technolgy for mobile traffic, but also to cooperate and collaborate with a large variety of providers for content, adserving, tracking, data, fraud detection, analytics. Nowadays also with providers to measure and synchronize TV Spots, which supports our new and hottest product “Mobile TV Sync”.

Having said that, it does not surprise that you will find nearly 4000 solution providers in the latest chiefmartec Marketing technology landscape.  In  comparison to last year the amount of logos has nearly doubled in 2016. Chiefmartecs author Scott Brinkler believes that this is due to fact that clients have not only one major platform to organize marketing technolgy, but several, which eventually leads to all full stack of 3rd party solution providers docking into large players – making the picture complete.

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And yes – gladly we made it, onto the Mobile Marketing section next to some of our market companions  😉