Programmatic Advertising wächst um fast 40 Prozent

Laut dem Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) e.V. lag das in Deutschland durch Programmatic Advertising erwirtschaftete Umsatzvolumen mit 353 Millionen Euro im ersten Halbjahr 2017 um 37 Prozent über dem Vorjahreswert. Mehr Informationen und Zahlen gibt es im neuen Programmatic Advertising Kompass 2017/2018 des BVDW. ..mehr lesen

Jetzt herunterladen! Im  Beitrag ” Mobile Programmatic: Was Werbungtreibende beachten sollten”  gibt Splicky CEO Sven Ruppert praxisnahe Einblicke.


Be a first Mover with programmatic DOOH

At the end of September we added the functionality to run programmatic campaigns on Digital Out-of-Home screens. This Feature is released for beta Clients and first campaigns are delivered.

As part of the Goldbach Group we are proud to have been part of the latest campaign which has been delivered for car manufacturer Opel and media agency Carat  Switzerland AG. For more infomation please read here. (in German)

(Image source: ZVG)

As Gabriel Blume, Sales Director der Goldbach Media (Switzerland) AG says: „With this succesful first campaign we showed that our customers can utilize the advantages of programmatic buying in digital Out-of-home advertising.  Carat has become a first mover  to make this new targeting possibilities available for their client Opel.“

Via Splicky, programmatic DOOH campaigns can be distributed on screens of various shopping and travelrelated locations like petrol stations, small shops, post offices, shopping areas and malls in Austria and Switzerland combined with targetings like weather, audiences and time.

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more about programmatic DOOH.


#SynchScreen – Second Screen as a Chance

synchscreenA recently published study* reveals that statistically consumer’s attention and awareness are shared onto more than one screens while watching TV.  In that time more than 50% of users browse the internet on their smartphone or tablet.

Second Screen is a Chance to extend your TV reach also on smartphones and tablets by using SynchScreen technology which is embedded in Multscreen DSP .

(Video in German)


How to set up a SynchScreen Campaign on

Only a few steps away, and you can easily extend your reach:

  1. Apply for SynchScreen in your Multiscreen DSP account.
  2. Create a campaign
  3. Create an adgroup and define your targetings
  4. Search for your TV spots and TV Channelssynchscreen_splicky
  5. Upload your creative
  6. Go live!

While and after your campaigns run you have access to extended reports and analytics tools.


*Source: Google Consumer Barometer 2016




Movember Activity

Like last year, our SPLICKY COO has initiated a Movember Activity. It has been a challenge, but a lot money was raised and we can proudly say that the team reached Position 26 in Germany.


Great thanks to all donors!

Movember is over! For some it’s the time to finally shave and for some it’s the start to grow their beard again.

See u, next year!